Is capitalism "moribund"?

Scott Marshall Scott at
Thu Jul 27 20:03:25 MDT 1995

>Louis Proyect:

>What should be our approach to this question of the "moribundness" of
>capitalism? We have to combine the insights of "Imperialism the
>Highest Stage of Capitalism" and "The Communist Manifesto"
>dialectically. We must never kid ourselves into thinking the >revolution is
around the corner.

No we shouldn't kid ourselves, but we damn well also better be ready to
recognize when the revolution *is* just around the corner - that day will
come. And it is just as crude and undialectical a mistake (from the right)
to proclaim the revolution as 50 years off as it is to proclaim it right
around the corner.

Historical forces are so complex and dialectical that precise prediction is
a fools art, *BUT* the real importance of Marxist analysis is as a tool to
see beneath the surface of events and understand what is new and developing.
If you had told the bolsheviks, or trotsky for that matter, in 1910 that the
revolution would be in 7 years, you'd have been rudely laughed at by most.
And the main problem the menshiviks had with October was not being able to
tell the time of day, or cynically burying their collective heads in the
sand refusing to acknoledge what was happening.

When the revolution train rolls into the station, those running into the
station a day later yelling, "I told you there would be a revolution, didn't
I? Come on folks now listen up. I predicted this revolution?", or worse,
"Get that train out of here. It's not time. We're not ready," these folks
are not going to get a lot of listeners, nor be in the best postion to help out.


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