Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Thu Jul 27 22:29:56 MDT 1995

>"Theses on the Philosophy of History."  _Illuminations_ Ed.  and
>with an Intro. by Hannah Arendt.  New York: Schoken Books, 1968.

Thanks, and boy am I shitfaced.  This happens to be the one book
by Benjamin I already own, and I didn't even know this material
was under my nose.

>This isn't a bad place to start with Benjamin, also.  This book
>also has the famous "work of art" essay.

"... in the age of mechanical reproduction".  I didn't get
anything out of this.  What am I missing?

I read a couple of other essays, "Unpacking my library"and
probably the Kafka stuff.

A number of people I respect are raving about Benjamin.  I'm led
to believe he's the best of his cohort.   So what is his secret?

What other books should I read by him and why?

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