Class, Internet, and the Industrial System

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Fri Jul 28 12:31:59 MDT 1995

> Louis Proyect:
> YEAH, RIGHT ON!!!!! (Contact me privately if you're new to the list. I
> can send you some articles I've written that come from the same
> perspective as your's, if you haven't seem them already.)

Could you please tell us the name and sources of these articles? I would be
intersted, also, in a summary post on some views that you have on this
topic.  I'm some other list members would also be interested in
discussing any such thread that you weave.


tlmkr at wrote: >
> > Projects General Public License (a copyleft ?). This movement has culminated
> > in the Linux Community, and its great achievement the Linux operating system.
> > It is a direct challenge to property, bureaucracy, and the market. It will
> > rise as the single challenge of workers to the monopolistic, proprietary,
> > software regime that has become Microsoft. It's strength is its technical
> > superiority, the freedom of its membership, and the Unix experience.
> > It is a beach head of the Dual Power that will catapult history out of
> > its current impasse, into the new beginnings of the Proletarian Epoch.
> > defeat

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