Class, Internet, and the Industrial System

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jul 28 14:46:47 MDT 1995

Louis Proyect:
Actually, not all of us are writing "articles" when we send a message to
the list. My posts occur infrequently and they usually reflect some
amount of research and reflection. I try to use a spell-checker before I
post as well.

The problem with e-mail is that it lends itself to off-the-cuff remarks,
like the kind you'd hear in a more interesting bar, I suppose. (Now if
anybody knows a bar like that in NYC, get in touch with me
privately...that's where I'd like to hang out.)

The reason I try to put posts out on the net that represent the most
substantial thinking and writing I'm capable of is that it's an
opportunity to reach some very sophisticated and committed people. Given
this opportunity, I don't want to waste it by sending idle chit-chat
across Columbia's fiber-optic backbone out to all of you in global

On Fri, 28 Jul 1995 glevy at wrote:

> I'm sorry.  You wrote "articles" in your previous post and I understood
> that to mean non-electronically published copy.  My mistake.  I guess we
> are writing "articles" each time we send a message to the list.  What a
> thought!  I wonder if administrators and faculty would be impressed with
> my recent Net articles? (a question of note for those of us in academia
> for whom publishing is considered as one factor in the evaluation,
> re-appointment, and promotional processes).

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