Red/green dialectic

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Scott's reports on environmentally sensitive practices in the former
eastern europe/former soviet union are very different from what I have heard
from just about every person I know that has been there in the last ten
years: i.e., its dirty!  Just like the reorts inth bourgie press,
they talk about polluted air, radiation exposures from nuclear technologies
and radioactive wastes (and what about Chernobyl? Lake Baikul?).

as for advanced scrubber technology (see below) in the 70's only in the SU-
Scott (or anyone else) could i have a reference to some sources, please?
In the last five years, managers of facilities across eastern europe
have been looking to the *capitalist west* for cleaner (and clean up)
technologies.  (As a sidebar on differences betwen capitalists- these
eastern europeanss found that the US vendors were frequently trying to
supply them technologies that were 5-10 years out of date, while the
(west) european suppliers were offering the "good stuff".)
>  And I would add that even still under Kruschev, this notion that
> production problems could be 'manhandled' by bigger and bigger factories,
> rather than by rationalization of production and by technology also
> contributed to a wrong understanding of ecological and enviornmental problems.
> snip
> In other words I don't believe, like under capitalism, that there was a
> class or group or collective of people in the SU who had a vested interest
> in avoiding questions of how to harmonize production and nature etc.
How about a manager with a production quota-or a group trying to build
socialism and produce more output..

snip, Scott:
> Just two concrete examples: When the movements in the US were able to
bring> pressure on the steel industry to clean up smoke stack emmissions
 from coke> plants and other operations, US Steel and others had to buy the latest
> scrubber technology from the SU because they had the most advanced and cost
> effective systems.
And there is a growing section of the green
> movement that sees that the revolution and socialism will be good for the
> enviornment.
Yes! But the too often degraded environmental conditions in the ostensibly
socialist eastern europe and FSU presents a real problem to that growth.

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