CPUSA, SWP and WWII-Reply to Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Jul 28 22:21:40 MDT 1995

Rob accuses me of ignorance or hypocracy. Well I accept neither criticism. A
few quotes from party leaders and the Daily Worker do not a party postion
make. Rob's anti-CPUSA blinders do not allow him to see the CPUSA as a
living breathing organization with all kinds of inconsistencies - like any
other organization. The myth of the monolithic foreign controlled robots is
bought into by folks like Rob and too bad. The idea that we have never
acknowledged mistakes is preposterious. I stand by the notion that on the
whole the Party and the overwhelming majority of it's membership remained
vehementally anti-fascist during the pact days, some awkward and
uncomfortable formulations not withstanding. I just finished Isserman's book
again and though he very much leans in Robs direction of interpretation and
bias, he has to admit and quote from the many anti-fascist speeches and
articles of those days also.

Unlike others, after the SU was attacked and the nature of the war did
change, to think otherwise is rediculous, we did not resist the war effort
and did not do *anything* to weaken the effort against fascism. I really
don't know about the SWP. My assumption based on Louis' original post is
that they did continue to label it an imperialist war and refused to fight.
If that's wrong, then I stand corrected.

Regardless only die hard anti-communists can deny that the nature of WWII
changed radically when the SU was attacked. That's the main issue here in my
mind. As to the anti-imperialist stance. From what I can gather from many
who were involved there was great fear that a US-English-Nazi understanding
would be reached to allow Germany to turn on the SU. There were certainly
many who advocated just such a position, like Henry Ford to name a famous
one. The grand anti-communist alliance was certainly in the realm of the
thinkable for those times. Given the nature of the times I can understand
this as a real fear.

And I also continue to believe that the SU had no option but to sign a pact
for breathing room. Again to be clear - England, France and the US rrefused
to sign a mutual defence pact with the SU prior to the Hitler-Stalin pact -
even though Stalin tried repeatedly to conclude just such an agreement.

I don't think your nasty personal comments help the discussion at all.


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