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Sat Jul 29 07:00:04 MDT 1995

>I shall be devastatingly honest and admit that I was only 70% sure
>that apocryphal was the right word, but I controlled my obsessional
>tendencies to check the dictionary and thought I would send the post off.
>In return for my honesty perhaps Scott will allow me to take up his
>points despite the fact that 25 genuine workers have not posted on
>this subject since my last contribution. <deadpan>

Here is one of the problems with the internet. The ratio of workers to
intellectuals who have access to either this list or the internet is far
less that 25 to one.

>But thanks to Jim and to Scott and to all the non-responders whose silence
>convinces me that neither "side" seriously contends the factual nature
>of these late notes by Lenin, making serious criticisms of both
>Stalin and Trotsky.

I don't think anyone ever contended these were fake notes - though I
understand Stalin tried to supress them. Never the less I found my copy in
the collected works of Lenin (44 volume set) printed in the FSU in the
1970's - vol 36.

>If the CPUSA is doing concentrated work still with the industrial working
>class, especially in the steel industry (I understand that is Gus Hall's
>old stamping ground) I do not think anyone can say that is wrong. But
>I think nowadays the contribution from that has to be judged on its
>merits, and cannot be regarded, of course as the whole picture of the range
>of relevant things that have to be done. And I do not think the CPUSA, or
>any one organisation can reasonably be criticised for not covering the
>whole picture.

True, my only comment is that concentration does not mean exclusive. And we
are perfectly willing to be judged on results. Perhaps you can see the
relationship between what you're saying here and my previous post on the new
developments in the US labor movement.

>However it is not clear to me that Lenin's late answer for much needed
>stability in the Soviet Party holds up.

Neither Lenin no I <deadpan> held that this was a thing in itself (working
class compostion). And unfortunatly Lenin's ideas on this matter were never
really adopted - so we don't know what the impact might have been. For the
CPUSA the higher than average percentage of industrial working class
membership has always helped us in many ways - stability, sticking power and

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