Bosnia: a preliminary question.

Robert V. Scheetz ay581 at
Sat Jul 29 09:53:52 MDT 1995

The EC proclaims itself a first rank world power.  Independant of the US, its
members have economic, industrial, financial, demographic, and military status
easily adequate, were it possible, to the situation in Yugoslavia.
Additionally, the requisite diplomatic fabric, seems, from here, much more
do-able by the co-operating multi-faceted power centers of West Europe,
than by Foggy Bottom.

>From here the thinking runs something like:  "If Western Europe lacks the metal
or morale to clean up their own messes, they ought, at least bear the attendant
opprobrium with an appropriate shamefaced silence, and not try to co-league
a largely non-responsible and distant US in their abjection."

Previous to any other considerations, how does this err?

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