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Although I had to cut back on my 'yugo activities' in the Netherlands
due to lack of money and support, I am still bothered by a
So to make the 'yugo info' a bit better accessible without me helping
out, I made a WWW page with all kinds of information on Internet
about former Yugoslavia. The page aims primarily at users in the
Netherlands, but the most essential English help texts are available.

Probably I did not cover everything, so additions are most welcome.
If you can, have a look at:


Send your comments to: boyd at sociamedia.nl
I would also like to know if you have difficulties in getting trough
to this site (and at what times).

P.S. If you make a link to the page, please let me know.


Boyd Noorda

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NB: There is also a conference "Yugo.Antiwar" on PeaceNet, with a wide
variety of viewpoints represented.

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