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Sun Jul 30 04:34:38 MDT 1995

I want to thank Steve Keen for yet another very lucid post on
ceteris paribus and methodology in political economy.  It is encouraging
for me to know that there are those from a Post-Keynesian perspective who
can  communicate with Marxist political economists in a meaningful and good
faith manner.  More generally, it also shows how we can advance the state
of discussion on the list when we listen to each other and respond in
non-antagonistic ways to others' posts.

Steve admits that he has "(as yet) no first-hand knowledge of Whitehead."
I will admit the same.  So, I have a couple of questions for any others
who know more about Whitehead than Steve and I know:

1) Could someone list some critical sources on Whitehead's method from a
Marxist perspective and, possibly, summarize, some of those critiques?

2) Since Whitehead wrote many books and articles on philosophy, mathamatics,
religion,  etc., could someone tell us what are the best writings of
Whitehead on method and logic?

It is a characteristic of most economists from all theoretical
perspectives that they generally pay little attention to the
methodological underpinings of their theories. As Whitehead's method is
taken seriously by many current economists, it would be useful for many
of us who are interested in political economy to have answers to the
above questions.


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