trotskysm history

Yurii Colombo ycolombo at
Sun Jul 30 08:37:33 MDT 1995

I'm Italian and I don't write well in english.
I need an exaustive material for a study about Trotskysm after the death of
Trotsky. I'm interesting about a bibliography, articles, opinions, comments,
A possible index:
1. Trotskysm during the IIWW.
2. The II World Congress of FI, the birth of pablism and of other tendecies
of  trotskysm (Lutte Ouvriere, Militant,International Socialism , Lambertism
3. Castrism, Thrld worldism and USFI.
4. The '68 and the trotskyst movement
5. The Nicaragua revolution, the fall of eastern europe states and the
prospective of the movement.

Beyond speak me about situation of the american working class and the
marxist organisations.
Thank you.

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