Internet, capitalism

Tom Condit tomcondit at
Sun Jul 30 13:51:04 MDT 1995

I think one rule re the Internet is the usual one of capitalist
society: "Them as has, gets." The new wealth of the "computer
society" is not for the most part going to lower middle-class
hackers who hang around working out new programs in their

I missed the Public Broadcasting System TV show about Bill Gates,
since they played it (as usual) after the hour when the
television goes off in our house. I did, however, read his
mother's obituary in our local paper.  She was a regent of the
University of Washington, member of the boards of directors of
two banks, Chair of the Seattle Symphony, museum boards, etc.,

All of this is the trappings of power, and not power newly-
acquired since Microsoft came into existence either. In mentions
of Bill Gates' family his father is referred to merely as a
"lawyer."  I assume from Mama's vitae that he doesn't work for
Rural Legal Assistance.  Does anyone know who he does work for?

Tom Condit

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