NTIA Household Survey of Phone, PC Ownership

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Here's some info on the class character of the Internet.



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>The National Telecommunications and Information Administration,
>Washington, D.C., released on July 25 the results of its first
>household survey of telephone and computer ownership.
>NTIA added questions on ownership of computers and modems to the
>U.S. Census Bureau survey of telephone use.  The Census survey
>included 54,000 households nationwide last November.
>The NTIA study finds that inner-city households in the Northeast
>have the smallest percentage of telephone subscribers, and that
>rural poor are least likely to own a computer.
>Black households own the smallest percentage of computers among all
>inner-city racial groups, followed by inner-city Hispanics.
>According to the NTIA study, 79.8 percent of inner-city households
>with incomes of less than $10,000 have phone service, compared to
>81.6 percent of rural households.
>Native American households have the lowest level of telephone
>service--75.5 percent--in rural areas.  Rural blacks have the lowest
>rate of computer ownership, 6.4 percent.  Among rural whites, 95.4
>percent have phone service and 24.6 percent own computers.
>Among racial categories, Asians have the highest computer ownership
>rate (36 percent), blacks the lowest (9.5 percent).  About 28 percent
>of white households and 12 percent of Hispanic households have
>According to the NTIA study, people over the age of 55 are least
>likely to own a computer, followed by households headed by people
>younger than 25.
>( Paige Darden, NTIA, 202-482-1551; http://www.ntia.doc.gov )

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