Interventions- Grenada and Yugoslavia

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Mon Jul 31 03:44:17 MDT 1995

An additional thought:

We would be doing the suffering masses in Bosnia a great service by
simply writing articles and demonstrating on their behalf *even if* we
are unable to offer them other, more material, forms of assistance.
Suffering people need to know that there are those who know and care.  It
is an act of solidarity that is very meaningful to those who might very
well fear that their lives and suffering are being ignored.  In small
ways, perhaps, we can help those who struggle against injustice and
persecution to *draw strength from us*.

In all struggles, whether it be trade union struggles or the former struggle
against apartheid in South Africa, it is very heartening for those who
struggle to know that others solidarize with their struggles.  No doubt,
hopelessness is rampant in Bosnia.  We can, it seems to me, offer them at
least the possibility of knowing that we are aware of their suffering and
support their struggle against ethnic cleansing.  Ultimately, the event
will be decided in Bosnia itself by, in part, the Bosnians themselves.
That struggle is enhanced by the knowledge that they have not been
forgotten or ignored.

So, we can not only give *each other* strength by expressing solidarity,
we can also given *those in struggle* strength through solidarity.


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