Class, Internet, and the Industrial

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Mon Jul 31 14:26:45 MDT 1995

On Mon, 31 Jul 1995 om at wrote:
>  I will give no in-depth technical explanation but do believe me when I say
> that we, workers, capitalists and others, should all be very thankful that
> businesses as safety-critical as air traffic control use no more high-tech
> than is called for. The expression "well-proven" still means something,
> right?
> Wild horses couldn't put me on the same plane as an "MS Autopilot for
> Windows".
> Otto Medin

Well, yes and no. Last week the entire primary system went out in the
Midwest US around Chicago. While the FAA said it was no problem just an
inconvience for the air traffic controllers, the controllers themselves
told a completely different story and said it had created a very
dangerous situation. A few days later after the system was fixed the FAA
allowed as it had been a safety problem. Yhey admitted that the system
would be a lot more stable and safe with an equipment and a software
upgrade, but that they would not be installed until 1998.

BTW I've gotten rather good at Microsoft's Flight simulator, so next time
you want to go up in a Sopwith Camel, let me know.


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