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Mon Jul 31 17:12:13 MDT 1995

Well Carrol, what is the right question about PrivProp?

I can easily say okay, point taken, whenever I say PP I'm referring
to the ideology thereof, but that makes no difference to me.  I'm
presuming that concrete PP does exist and it generally co-ocurrs with
PP ideology, PP social relations, PP behavior of individuals and
more, so I could rephrase my question in at least 4 different ways,
but it may still amount to about the same thing in my mind: "Under
what circumstances / incentives and by what mechanisms did PP1, PP2,
PP3 and PP4 begin and continue?"  Another interesting question that
you raise I might phrase as "What are the relations between PP1, 2, 3
& 4?"

And, although I'm trying to give it an honest chance, I'm not sure
what you mean by "fundamentally skewed."  I mean, I may not expect to
agree with your point, but I do want to understand it.  Is it largely
that I am not putting social relations and ideology into my

I am in anthropology and plan to stay there, and I am still rather
new to marxian thinking and related fields, so I don't use or
entirely understand the language that some of you use.  One of the
things I am hoping for is that our various approaches to
understanding human behavior may meet, articulate, or inform and
complement each other.

So, what do you think the social relations of PP are?  I'd like to
see how our views might fit together.


>>> Carrol Cox <cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu>  7/21/95, 03:58pm >>>

    The more I read the various comments of "self-interest" and
individual choice (which is simply another name for "self-interest"
considered as a real phenomenon), the more it seems to me that the
discussion is in some way or other fundamentally skewed.
Private property does not exist; certain social relationships of
which "private property" is the ideological expression exist. Since
private property has no material existence, the question of how it
came into existence has no real content; it cannot be coherently
asked. I think this also applies to "self interest" though I am not
so sure about that.
The correct questions have not yet been asked, and until the correct
questions are asked, there is no hope of any coherent answer.
        Carrol Cox

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