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Mon Jul 31 17:56:04 MDT 1995

This is my first post to the list.
I sunscribed yesterday and I already have a mailbox full of information.
I ame writing from Belgium.  (So please excuse for my language, I ame not
used to write in English, I hope you will all be able to read it.  My native
language is Dutch.)
I ame a member of the Belgium Labour Party.
Maybe some of you poeple already knouw something about this party.=
It is Marxist Leninist Party, you may call it a even Stalinist Party or
Mao=EFst, as you see we studie all af them.
We are not a Trotskist party, I think Nicaragua has thougt us once again
that there is no good in the theorie of ongoing revolution (I hope this is
This is a litle introduction of myself.  I have been onest, so I hope this
wil not cause a big fight in the group about pro Trotsky, pro Stalin, Pro
Mao, Pro ...,
It could an intresting discussion, but as I ame a new subscriber to the
group I knouw nothing of the history of this group.
I ame also a new user of the net and to be onest it is by accident I foun
this group.=20
Maybe some of you could help me to find some intresrting site's.  What I ame
looking for is news about the clas strugle in the world.

But most of all I would like to thank all of you members.  It was a graet
welcome on the net to find a out that there was so much discussion about
marxist theorie and practice.

Once again, sorry for my very bad english, I promice it will get better.

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