Yugoslavia- despair?

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Mon Jul 31 19:39:14 MDT 1995

>Jerry kindly copies replies to me, so I get them ahead of the=
>and I see for him at least the tone of my last post or two came over=20
>as one of desperation. Thanks for the feed back and the concern, but that=
>was not quite what I feel or intended to=20
>convey. It is difficult to communicate without body language or tone of=20
>voice. I am not necessarily saying Jerry was wrong in what he picked up=20
>from me but just it is not quite how I think I feel.
>Desperation is not a very good marxist emotion. I do agree the fastest=20
>way to move forward is not wheelspin. I did not estimate the=20
>body count to despair but to suggest an order of magnitude of=20
>the problem. There have been worse body counts. The west has been far
>more cynical in Angola and actively backed Renamo in Mozambique, an=20
>organisation whose activities cannot be compared to the Bosnian=20
>Serbs and cannot be described on this list. The people of both these=20
>countries have had to go into coalition with Unita and Renamo, and that is=
>the basis for stopping the conflict. There was no hope of another=20
>I accept that each of us is impelled to some political activity and we=20
>cannot do all, and we cannot ask of each other to do all. My tone was=20
>intended to be analytical but to argue we can break through the
>paralysis. Emotionally it was influenced by seeing twice this year=20
>Arthur Miller's latest play, Broken Glass, set in 1938. Although=20
>Miller's friends and kin have been persecuted for being Jewish and=20
>for being Communist it was written for Yugslavia, even though it does=20
>not mention that country or islam.=20
>The leading jewish woman, who is paralysed from the waist down is=20
>preoccupied with images of jewish men being forced by Nazis to clean=20
>the pavement with toothbrushes. She asks what will happen next, and screams
>"What is France doing? What is England doing? Why doesn't somebody do
>So I analysed what is England doing in Yugoslavia. My anger is not one
>of despair.
>To be weak is not a valid excuse. We each have a little power. There is=20
>no point in being sorry for ourselves that marxism is weak if we do not=20
>use what marxist skills we have to analyse what we can do.=20
>If you are already doing too many other things OK. But it feels to me
>that if we were tested in the thirties as to whether jewish people were
>part of the international human race, then in the Europe of the 90's there=
>is a test whether people of muslim background are part of our kith and kin.
>It is not an easy question for people of European christendom, nor I guess
>for people of jewish background, but it is a test I think on the whole
>we will pass.=20
>Chris Burford
I would like to ask some questions on the debate about Yugoslavia?
>How come if we discuss yuguslavia we gorget everything about class=
If we really want to knouw what is going one over there we have to study the
interests of each of te paticipants in this war.  And not in the least the
interests of Germany (The New European Comunity), The USA and russia.
Did not war start in Yugoslavia the day Germany declared the Croatian poeple
have the right off sefdetermination?  Did not we here this german excuse
about 50 years ago, and eaven more in 1914?
How come we see the Neo Nazi's ruling in Croatia.
Yugoslavia is for the Germans the road to Turkey (geografically), it was in=
in 1940 and in 1995.
Wich are the intrest of Germany and the 4=B0Reich (E.C.) in Yugoslavia?

Is ther really any ntion who wants this ware to be stopped.  Maybe some arab
nation who really have som sipathi for the Moslim poeple who are slougtered
in the name of the christia God (Serbia & croatia).=20
But I thin that neither the USA, Neither the 4=B0reich want this war to be
stopped.  It is a battleground on wich they can play with te latest
technology's.  They can check out far they can take public opinion, how many
days can U.N. soldiers be taken as hostages befor public opinian reacts.
For the first hostages ther was an emediat reaction, but today,...??=20
Wich High Tech diplomatic trick can we use.

>The war in yugoslavia is a war between Imperialist countrie's : USA,
4=B0Reich, Russia.  In this ware there is no side to choose.  Yes the side=
those who aren not blinded by Nationalism or Chritian & Moslim=
 Fundamentalism. =20
We have to demand our government to stop the UN intervention, ther can't be
any intervention of an Imperialist state with the goal to maintain Peace.

May be al this is was already told.
I ame new in the group, so forgive me if this debate already took place.

If Moslims have a place in the global human race?
This is a pretty strange question.  I ame neither a Moslim a Jew a
Christian, I cinsider myself being an Athe=EFst.
My girlfriend's mother is Jewich, but my girlfriend does not consider
herseld being an Jew.  being a Jew is being a member of religious comunity.
We should have respect for all religions and we should fight all relegions. =
In the name of god we wher fighting against Irak.  In the name of god wher
fighting German soldiers.  In the name of god are fighting zionist
soldier's, in the name of god are fighting Serbes,...
Marx once said :"Relegion is a drug (Opium) for the poeple.

Once again sorry for my language.
My native language is not English, if I use the wrong words, i'm sorry.=20

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