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[snip] What remains as an option for Bosnia, as has been suggested on
the list,  is a fundamental threat to capital accumulation, such as a
regional  widening of the war to include Turkey and Greece, or
Bulgaria maybe.

Lisa says: I'm curious, how do you see a possible widening occuring?
Do you mean a geographic widening, as in battlegrounds in the
countries you mention?  Or do you mean others' sending arms and/or
troops?  And how would that threaten capital accumulation, and whose

One of the dangerous spots I haven't heard about lately is Macedonia.
With the break-up of Yugoslavia, there was an increase in talk within
Macedonia of the "greater Macedonia" - as common for many east Europe
countries/ethnicities, there was once a kingdom of Macedonia, much
larger than the present piece of Yugoslavia.  Today the
self-identified Macedonian people and place is divided between Yugo.,
Bulgaria and Greece.

It seems obviously a pipe-dream for all poor and unarmed Macedonians
to unite and create a new country, as if Bulgaria and Greece were
just going to go along with it.

Greece was quick to put the world on notice that no possibility of
any loss of their territory would be considered.  They even refused
to recognize the formerly Yugo Macedonia as an independent country of
that *name*, and had a big public tantrum when the U.N. did.  They
are afraid that the very existence of an independent Macedonia will
incite Greek Macedonians to try to break away from Greece to join

Either Bulgaria doesn't consider this as likely for their Macedonia,
or they haven't been as loud about it, for it to reach me through the

But I don't know if you were thinking of anything like this in talk
of possible widening of Bosnian war.


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