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Bruce.Lindsay at arts.monash.edu.au Bruce.Lindsay at arts.monash.edu.au
Thu Jun 1 10:50:38 MDT 1995


I'm new to the marxism list also. i am a twenty-five year grad
student at monash university in melbourne, australia. found my way to
marxism in high school days (when i didn't know that much about it),
university (when i struggled with it), and since starting grad study
in '93 (getting on top of it). i was particularly
interested in your suggestion for discussing marxism and art, etc. i
am doing my thesis on class and intellectual work, and got to this
through interest in literature, art, culture, etc. what would you
suggest we begin such a discussion about? i think that there is a
major dearth of talk, analysis, etc, on the role of art in marxist
strategies (as distinct from marxist theory, where some good work has
been done, eg, Eagleton, Jameson, Adorno, Janet Wolff, and so on).
This strikes me as strange given that we, especially in the west,
invest our creativity and imagination so heavily in art.

hasta luego,
bruce lindsay

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