"fuck you" and other peculiarities of this list

Ralph Dumain rdumain at igc.apc.org
Thu Jun 1 01:58:29 MDT 1995

1.  What, my discourse on Frederick Douglass and Karl Marx didn't
give you a hard-on, too?  Well, fuck you, bitch.  But seriously
folks, where's your sense of humor?  I mean, don't you find me a
cunning linguist, a master of the verbal arts, a fine turner of
phrases?  Go figure.

2.  Your timing perhaps gave you a mistaken impression of this
list.  Its topics vary widely and unpredictably.  The inundation
of posts on value theory is fairly recent.  The debates on Marxist
philosophy go back a few months at least.  But many people are
simply eager to discuss anything and will respond to your
initiatives.  So the best way to affect the discussion (there are
several going on at once, but some more continuous than others) is
to introduce issues that interest you, and others will follow.
Don't be shy.

3.  Yes, there's post-marxists here too, alas, and plenty of room
for them.  I can't stand post- anything, but I am just one
anti-academic voice howling in the wilderness.  You need not feel
alone.  You have more friends than I.

However, in spite of my pariah status, I am now a newly-converted
disciple of Doug Henwood, even though he hates me and cringes when
I say "bitch": "If I can't say 'fuck you!' you can keep your

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