Summer Intensive in Marxist Theory & Practice

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The Brecht Forum
--New York Marxist School
--Institute for Popular Education
122 West 27 Street, 10 floor
New York, New York 10001
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                   UPCOMING IN JULY

              The New York Marxist School
               Annual Summer Intensive in
              Marxist Theory and Practice

          Marxism vs. the Contract on America

      Sunday, July 9 to Saturday, July 22; 6:30-10 pm

              $95; $10 per single session;
             partial scholarships available

Learn how Marxist methodology can provide an analytical
grounding for political strategies in the U.S. today.

We will open with a discussion of the Contract on America
and identify some of the issues that need to be analyzed
to understand the current political climate.

The first week will focus on the process of
globalization--how the world market sets the basis for
the emergence of capitalism and how it is essential to
all subsequent development. In this light, we will look
at how this approach helps to explain the history and
forms of class and national struggles.

We will cover basic concepts in Marx's _Capital_ and his
analytical method, Gramsci's contribution to
understanding the formation of states, power, and
domination, and the antagonism between ecology and
capitalism. We will address how all of this helps to
illuminate the rapid changes now taking place.

We will screen and discuss a video, _The History Book_,
which surveys the development of capitalism from a
grassroots perspective.

We will cap the week with a Saturday picnic at the home
of Harry Magdoff with discussion, food, and recreation.

In the second week, we will explore the development of
capitalism in the United States and the diversity that
characterizes the formation of the U.S. working class.
We will place emphasis on the class and race relations
that underpin U.S. culture, the Contract on America, and
U.S. politics today.

To close, we will return to the Contract on America and
the current political panorama with two panel discussions
on challenges we face: the challenge of organizing and
the challenge of confronting the dominant ideology.


Presentations include:

--Opening discussion on the Contract on America; Sheila

--Marxist Method and _Capital_; Mary Boger

--The Development of Capitalism; Kathy Kazanas

--The State, Power, and Domination; Benedetto Fontana

--Globalization and Imperialism; Harry Magdoff

--Ecology vs. Capitalism; Neftali Garcia and Joel

--The Formation of Capitalism in the United States; Robin
D.G. Kelley

--U.S. Radical Culture; Annette Rubinstein and Larry

--The Challenge of Organizing; panelists TBA

--The Challenge of Ideology; panelists TBA


Call the office at (212) 242-4201 for pre-registration,
advance reading materials, and further information.


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