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June 1995 Events


Lectures and Seminars

Friday, June 9; 7 pm (lecture; $6) and
Saturday, June 10; 1-4 pm (seminar; $45)
--Ecology and Capital Accumulation
--Joel Kovel
Marxism should play a leading role in ecological
politics, inasmuch as the principle cause of the
environmental crisis lies in the system of capital
accumulation. At the same time, Marxism stands to be
greatly enriched by ecological awareness. This
lecture/seminar will include a survey of the root causes
of our growing environmental disaster, a comparative
critique of the principal strategies of ecological
politics, and an attempt to reformulate the question of
the dialectic within Marxism in order to bring about a
synthesis of the various strands of red/green politics.

Joel Kovel is a psychoanalyst and Alger Hiss Professor of
Social Studies at Bard College.


Monday, June 12; 7:30 pm ($6)
--Teaching and Learning as a Political Act: Popular
Education in El Salvador
--Jack Hammond
When the government closed the schools during the
Salvadoran civil war, communities created their own
schools, teaching literacy and practical skills with the
methods of popular education. In the guerilla army, in
prisons, and in peasant villages, people made teaching a
political act which affirmed their dignity and armed them
for the struggle.

Jack Hammond teaches at Hunter College, CUNY and is a
long-time solidarity activist.


Tuesday, June 13; 7:30 pm ($6)
--Enabling Capitalism: Environmentalists and Advocates in
the Struggle for Land and Life
--Terisa Turner and Craig Benjamin
Why do many Northern non-government organizations (NGOs)
appear eager to seek out partnerships with transnational
corporations, often over the opposition of grassroots
movements from the South?

Benjamin and Turner, of the University of Guelph's Centre
for International Development Studies, will explore the
politics of mainstream northern environmental advocacy
organizations. They will discuss new multi-ethnic,
indigenous-led political movements emerging from the
grassroots in the Ecuadorian Amazon as a contrasting
example of a counter-hegemonic construction of class and
class alliances.


Monday, June 19; 7:30 pm ($6)
--Today's News: The Other Point of View
--Ellen Braune and Steve Rendall
Hosts Ellen Braune, Director of New Channels
Communications, and Steve Rendall, Senior Analyst at
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), hold monthly
discussions of breaking news and current events, joined
by independent and mainstream journalists and others.
These discussions analyze key issues, critique media
coverage, and identify ways to inject alternative
perspectives into the mainstream discourse.


Classes and Workshops

Spanish Classes (beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
--taught by Angela Betelu and Edgar Betelu
--sessions start June 5
--meet twice weekly (2-hour sessions) for 8 weeks
--tuition: $320
Angela Betelu and Edgar Betelu are native speakers with
extensive teaching experience. Small classes emphasize
participation and conversation without neglecting
grammar. Pre-registration is advised. For more
information, call The Brecht Forum at (212) 242-4201.


Friday, June 16 (6-9 pm) and
Saturday, June 17 (11 am-4 pm) (tuition: $50)
--Theater of the Oppressed Workshop: Cop-in-the-Head
--presented by the Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory
An introspective Image Theater technique used to
recognize and confront internalized forms of oppression.
Objective: to explore relations of power and collective
solutions to concrete, individual problems. We begin with
someone recounting a personal experience of oppression,
but then gradually go from the particular to the general;
in the end, the group, and not the original story-teller,
has become the protagonist of the session.

The Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory is presenting a
series of eight-hour training workshops at The Brecht
Forum that offers selections of games, exercises, and
improvised scene work developed by Brazilian director and
Workers' Party (PT) activist Augusto Boal. Boal's
approach to theater emphasizes a critical analysis of
personal and social reality through physical dialogues,
living body imagery, problem-solving processes, and
techniques for developing a keener awareness of external
and internalized oppressions. All games and techniques
are generated as interactive structures that allow
"spect-actors" to physically intervene in open-ended
dramatic action. Designed to develop individual skills of
observation as well as cooperative group interaction.
Participation is open to the general public; no prior
theater experience is necessary. For educators, community
activists, union organizers, human service and mental
health workers, and conflict resolution mediators.

Workshops are strictly limited to thirty people. Pre-
registration is necessary. For more information, call the
Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory at (212) 924-1858.


Friday, June 30 (6-9 pm) and
Saturday, July 1 (11 am-4 pm) (tuition: $50)
--Paulo Freire's Approach to Labor Organizing: A Training
--Eleonora Castano Ferreira, Joao-Paulo Castano Ferreira,
and Maureen La Mar
An overview of the popular education methods and
techniques used by the Confederation of Trade Unions
(CUT) in Brazil, and their practical application in the
Education Department of the International Ladies Garment
Workers Union (ILGWU) in New York. Participants will
learn how to use analytical tools not only to understand
how society works, but to actively plan and implement
effective strategies for social action.

Community organizers in the slums of Rio de Janeiro for
twelve years, and members of the Brazilian Workers' Party
and the CUT, puppeteers Eleonora Castano Ferreira and
Joao-Paulo Castano Ferreira work for the Consortium for
Worker Education in New York. Maureen La Mar is Program
Director of the Worker Family Education Program of the
International Ladies Garment Workers Union.


Alternate Wednesdays; 6-8 pm (ongoing)
--Political Economy Workshop
--Paul Cooney
This workshop uses a Marxist approach to explore such
topics as the implications of NAFTA and "free" trade, the
political economy of New York City, and the IMF and Third
World debt. Newcomers are welcome to join this ongoing
group. A background in the study of _Capital_ or
political economy is recommended. The group meets every
two weeks for presentations and discussions. Political
economist Paul Cooney coordinates the workshop.


In July:

The New York Marxist School's Annual Summer Intensive in
Marxist Theory and Practice

Marxism vs. the Contract on America
Sunday, July 9 through Saturday, July 22

Call (212 242-4201) or write The Brecht Forum (122 West
27 Street, 10 floor, New York, New York 10001) or respond
by e-mail (nyms1 at for more information.


All Brecht Forum lectures and seminars are available on
audiotape. For a list of available tapes, contact The
Brecht Forum.


Please note that the fees listed only partially cover our
expenses. We need your donations to keep our doors open.
And, no one is turned away for inability to pay.


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