"fuck you" and other peculiarities of this list

Justin Schwartz jschwart at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Thu Jun 1 06:12:13 MDT 1995


I agree that we should set aside the vulgarity, and should certainly not
discuss its ethics, etc. I say my final piece on this with a verse from
Lou and Pete Berryman's A Chat With Your Mother:

There's militant survivalists with Gucci bandeleros
Taking tacky khaki walkie talkies to the rendezvous
Trading all the latest armor piercing ammo information
It's from them I would expect to hear the F-word--not from you.

  We sit down to have a chat; It's F-word this and F-word that
  I can't control how you young people talk to one another
  But I don't want to hear you use that F-word with your mother

(Although in fairness, there is another verse:)

There's unsavory musicians with their filthy pinko lyrics
Who destroy the social fabric and enjoy it when they do
With their groupies and addictions and their poor heartbroken parents
It's from them....

OK, let's all get to real business now.

Leo, the political economy comes and goes. There's a lot of political and
other philosophy on the list. Ralph's current go-around with Juan on
science is a case in point; a while back I defended a thesis about
historical progress and objectiovity about justice against the skeptical
for some weeks.

There is room on the list for anyone who takes Marxism seriously as a
topic of discussion. We have a Hayekian libertarian on board, Marxists of
every variety, a number of folks who are just curious. So why not a
radical democrat?

If you want to get a good round started off the pol econ track, explain
why you moved from Marxism to radical democracy and ssay why you think we
should too. It will help revitalize a thread I started a while back on
democracy whichg seems to have died for lack of disgreement.

--Justin Schwartz

On Wed, 31 May 1995 LeoCasey at aol.com wrote:

> I have been reading this list for a while now, and I have been reluctant to
> intervene for a number of reasons. I have limited myself to a few
> 1. It was rather offputting to be introduced to the list just as the Dana
> Thorpe controversy went full throttle. As someone who spends my teaching day
> with inner city young people, and in this context has acquired a different
> appreciation for the power of different types of language, I have a problem
> with the level of discourse at times. This is not a question of censorshi

> 2. Although this is a Marxism list, it seems very heavily slanted toward
> political economy. I have read Sraffa too, but frankly for those of us
> trained and interested in political theory (or philosophy, or literature,
> etc.), the labor theory of value discussion was just too narrow in focus. Is
> there room on this list for broader political and theoretical concerns?
> 3. Over the course of the years, I have gone from being a somewhat
> unorthodox, Gramscian Marxist to a radical democratic (some would call it,
> post-Marxist perspective). I don't recognize many kindred voices in these
> discussions. Is there room on this list for such a viewpoint?
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