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Fri Jun 2 07:21:36 MDT 1995

Leo Casey  wrote about the strong immediate impressions for a
relative newcomer to this list about the apparently limited
range of permitted topics. Others have clarified that the powerful
initial impressions created by intensive posters, are by no means
representative of the overall pattern.

Intense posting appears to cluster. One pattern is of newcomers
getting into the swing of it, finding it addictive and
persisting high volume until they run into some sort of
negative feedback, probably from their own circumstances I would
guess, rather than because someone has said fuck off to them on the
list itself.

Nevertheless they take the debate forward, until they fall back
for a while, and there are strong underlying patterns.
Despite all the difficulties
the volume of subscribers has risen by 50% in six months,
from 189 at a snap shot in mid December to 295 (including
digest readers at the end of May). It is probably just shuffling
through the 300 mark now.

At yet, despite, or perhaps because of?, the occasional bizarre
contribution, curious contributor, licensed loon or honorary
pariah, and despite the fact that no one brain can follow everything
logically, it seems to have a remarkable ability, I would
suggest, to think. Is that the right word?

Chris Burford, London.

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