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>From Equal Jusitce USA, Int'l Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia
Abu-Jaml, and the Prison Activist Resource Center:

For immediate release - Thursday June 2nd, 1995

Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge has just signed the death warrant for
celebrated journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

                   --- Nation-wide Phone and Fax Zap ---

Organizers of the massive campaign in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal are
activating their friends, family, co-workers and communities, escalating
the effort to gain a new trial for Mumia.  Along with educating the public
about Mumia's case and his book of essays, _Live From Death Row_, activists
are calling for a national emergency response that will spotlight Judge
Albert Sabo.  Under the rules of Philadelphia's Common Pleas Court, Sabo
could come out of retirement to hear Mumia's Post-Conviction Relief Appeal,
and actually serve as the judge of a case regarding his own bias!

URGENT!!  Call and fax these Judges, urging them to take Sabo off the case.
Mumia deserves a fair trial!!

Judge Alex Bonavitacola phone: 215-686-3770 fax: 215-567-7328
Judge Legrome Davis phone: 215-686-9534  fax: 215-686-2865

Note:  These numbers could be changed as soon as calls start coming in.  If
you encounter any problems, please contact Equal Justice USA at

        //// A Race Against Death:  Mumia Abu-Jamal Files Appeal \\\\

Mumia's legal team, headed by Leonard Weinglass, is planning to file his
appeal on Monday at Philadelphia's City Hall.  The appeal will include a
Protective Order to thwart police intimidation of witnesses and a Motion to
have Judge Albert Sabo recused (taken off the case).  Notorious for signing
the most death warrants ever, Sabo's track record (against
African-Americans especially) has made him known as the "hanging judge."

Mumia was convicted in a travesty of justice - his case highlights the
racist, classist criminal prosecution system in Philadelphia and the US.
Join in the fight to save his life and abolish the death penalty!

Press conferences, rallies and demonstrations will be happening in
Philadelphia, the SF Bay Area, and elsewhere.  For more information, press
kits, photos, or video or audio tapes, contact the following:

Pam Africa 215-476-8812
Noelle Hanrahan 301-699-0042
The SF Bay Area Network for Mumia 415-648-4505

For background information on Mumia's case as well as more about what you
can do, see prior alerts on the Prison Issues Desk web pages as well as
several conferences including justice.prisons and

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