Language, "niceness" and revolution

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Fri Jun 2 14:32:22 MDT 1995

I don't have the same objection to "asshole" -- although it isn't
exactly a very precise political designation.

"Prick" is an interesting question.  Certainly, any word which diminishes
and degrades a category of people is not entirely satisfactory, however,
I believe that the use of the word "bitch" by men is more offensive than
the use of the word "prick" by women because of the historical status and
subjugation of women by men.  Both words, however, are stereotypes and
are less than satisfactory.

True, women often call other women "bitches" (African-Americans also call
others "niggers").  In either case, the use of the term -- for whatever
reason -- helps to perpetuate the usage of gender and racially offensive
terms.  Perhaps it's an issue of "false consciousness."


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