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Fri Jun 2 14:49:52 MDT 1995

Ralph is correct to note that Marx did indeed use racist and anti-semitic
language at times (primarily in his early writings).  Does that mean that
we should embrace that aspect of Marx's thought?

The topic of humor isn't entirely a joke, as Ralph suggests.  A friend of
mine, a punk named Crusty Dave, died of an overdose yesterday.  Dave was
a militant anarchist and an Irish revolutionary -- and a fine man.  I
remember a number of occasions when other "anarchists" and "activists"
used anti-Irish jokes and slurs in his presence.  More frequently than
not, the offending person was knocked flat on his back or had a broken nose.

Jokes which offend nationalities, racial groups, women etc. ARE NOT FUNNY
and help to justify and legitimize the continued oppression and/or
exploitation of those groups by the ruling class.

I know that you think that this subject is a joke.  I am not laughing.


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