A Marxist theory of Humor?

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Jun 2 14:53:02 MDT 1995

>A Marxist theory of humor? You must be joking, comrade.
>--Justin Schwartz

Oh come now Justin - a cheap individualistic pun. No humor can be truely
marxist that is not collective in nature. Humor where one chuckles to
oneself is anti-social and anti-working class. For example:

Question: What does a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac do at night?

Answer: Lies awake and ponders the existance of DOG.

If you even smiled then clearly you are no true marxist - this joke can only
be enjoyed in the privacy of you own subjective mind and indeed makes fun of
people with learning disorders, and is apolitical.

Or consider: Lenin, Stalin and Brezhnev are riding across Russia in a train.
The train breaks down. Lenin promptly leads everyone off the train to help
the train crew fix it. After another few hundred miles the train breaks down
again. Stalin orders "Shoot the conductor who sabatoged the train." The
train is repaired and continues on for another few hundred miles, then
breaks down again. Brezhnev calls the chief engineer into his private
railcar. He quietly pulls down all the shades, sitdown next to the engineer
and puts his arm around him. He gently begins to sway. "See," he says, "it's

Not funny.

Real humor should be collective and aimed at the ruling class. For example:
When my plant was shutting down in 1980, it was just a few months after
Ronald Reagan was shot. We were debating what to do with our union treasury.
(Not a real debate because the international union had the rightful claim to
our money to continue the work of the union) Never-the-less a good friend of
mine proposed that we donate the treasury to the John Hinckly defense fund.
This got a big collective laugh. However the best laugh was for the worker
who objected to the motion on the grounds that "any worker who would use a
twenty-two for a job that required a fourty-five deserves to rot in jail."

This humor is not only marxist but full of working class realism. This is
humor shitty, gritty and rough enough for even our refined 'enfant terribles.'

I'm not kidding.

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