A Marxist theory of Humor?

Sat Jun 3 00:39:45 MDT 1995

:Since you are evidently very interested in the topic of humor, I would
:ask:  Could you give us the outline of a Marxist theory of humor?
: Humor is a part of language and ideology, I would suggest.  Humor is
: often class, race, or gender-based.  It can be a means with which the
:ruling class continues its domination.  Consequently, there can be
:progressive humor and reactionary humor, humor which moves the struggle
:for socialism forward and humor which retards that struggle.  What is
:humorous for one class is frequently insulting to another.

And they said that this type of structuralist/economistic type of Marxist
anaylsis died out  over 30 years ... hah :)

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