Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Sat Jun 3 10:39:50 MDT 1995

>Why must you refer to love or even a good fuck as "porking"?

What, pork isn't kosher?  In fact, neither one was involved in
this case, hence I cannot get emotionally excited about describing
the possibility of doinf the deed.  Since I had nothing in common
with this naive young girl, and since I didn't want to take
advantage of her innocence, I left her alone, even though she
turned me on.  Hence, doing the deed was never more than an
abstract possibility, and as such 'porking' is as good an
unappetizing way of describing the possibility as another.  No
offense to your nationality intended.

Yesterday I bought the Engels bio by Gustav Meyer for $15.  Maybe
I'll keep it, maybe I'll send it to you.  Better yet, maybe I'll
read it first, then send it to you.  I've got so much new stuff to
read, I'm overstuffed with possibilities.

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