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Thanks for the offer but I already have a copy of the Mayer book on Engels.
That sounds like a better line of inquiry than continued discussion of
the great humor controversy.



On Sat, 3 Jun 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> >Why must you refer to love or even a good fuck as "porking"?
> What, pork isn't kosher?  In fact, neither one was involved in
> this case, hence I cannot get emotionally excited about describing
> the possibility of doinf the deed.  Since I had nothing in common
> with this naive young girl, and since I didn't want to take
> advantage of her innocence, I left her alone, even though she
> turned me on.  Hence, doing the deed was never more than an
> abstract possibility, and as such 'porking' is as good an
> unappetizing way of describing the possibility as another.  No
> offense to your nationality intended.
> Yesterday I bought the Engels bio by Gustav Meyer for $15.  Maybe
> I'll keep it, maybe I'll send it to you.  Better yet, maybe I'll
> read it first, then send it to you.  I've got so much new stuff to
> read, I'm overstuffed with possibilities.
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