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On Sun, 4 Jun 1995 glevy at wrote:

> Mumia was shot at the same time and place that a cop was killed.
> Abu-Jamal was a journalist at the time, and a move supporter, who had
> written critical articles about the former Mayor and cops of Philadelphia
> -- especially as it related to the City's assault on MOVE.  After the cop
> shooting, Mumia was arrested, charged and convicted despite the fact that
> many eyewitnesses came forward to testify that Mumia had no role in the
> shooting.  But, when a cop is killed the police and the city are quick to
> make an arrest and Mumia was someone that they had disliked before the event.

The NY Times ran an AP story claiming there were 3 eyewitnesses that said
Mumia was guilty. Is this simply the capitalist hyena press lying again?

I really don't know the details of the case; these are genuine questions.
Most of the stuff I've read has been preaching to the converted, with no
effort made to argue the case.


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