Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Mon Jun 5 11:29:09 MDT 1995

Is the following for real?

-- John Walker

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, Alfred Joseph wrote:

> It really doesn't matter if Mumia Abu-Jamal is "innocent" or not.  He
> should be defended and supported against the law machine of the capitalist
> state.  What does guilty or innocent mean divorced from the class question?
>  Some racist cop is no longer with us, so what?  He is no longer stopping
> young black and latino men just because of who they are.  They don't have
> to lie face down in the street.  He is not beating and arresting strikers.
> A pity he won't be able to shoot or stomp another child of the
> working-class.  Too damn bad.  All police are the enemy of the working
> class.  They are the shock-troops of the capitalist class.  When you start
> thinking about guilt or innocence think about the civil rights workers
> being clubbed, think about all the workers beaten and gassed trying to form
> unions, think about all the students beaten and jailed because of their
> opposition to the war, think about Fred Hampton-murdered as he slept, along
> with Mark Clark.  Is Mumia Abu-Jamal guilty or innocent?  Please!!!!!
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> alfredo jose
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