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Mon Jun 5 16:17:10 MDT 1995

Isn't the task of "describing a socialist utopia" inherently utopian?

I have no objections to anyone discussing this topic, however, I believe
that it will only be a practical question in the period immediately prior
to the revolution.  Marx, it should be recalled, was purposely vague in
his description of the workings of a socialist system because he believed
that the analysis of a mode of production can only be satisfactorily
accomplished after the particulars of that mode of production (and its
contradictions) become clear.  Of course, many have accused Marx of
being too abstract when
describing the functioning of socialism (and indeed many of Marx's
comments on this subject take the form of footnotes), but I believe that
his refusal to engage seriously with a discussion of this subject
reflected his materialist method.

On the other hand, an analysis of actual post-capitalist societies and
their contradictions is an essential task that all Marxists should
undertake NOW -- if they haven't done so already.


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