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Mon Jun 5 17:26:06 MDT 1995

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, Alfred Joseph wrote:

> The last thing you should let yourself do is to get bogged down in some
> meaningless debate as to "guilt" or "innocence", was Joe Hill guilty?  He
> was tried and executed because of his politics.  Most of the people on this
> list are unreal.

As Doug pointed out, even though it may be true that Mumia is being
condemned to die for his politics or his race or both, and these points
should be insisted upon, it matters rhetorically whether he did or did not
kill a cop, the crime of which he was convicted. It matters in appealing
to the judges and the governor for his life, which is a matter of some
consequence. It matters in agitating against the death penalty in general.
In the Sacco and Vanzetti case and the Scottsboro boys cases, we appealed
for justice in part on the basis of innocence, and quite rightly. We can
do this and still insist that it is unjust for the cap[italist (or, I
would say, the socialist) state to kill people even for murder.

I dislike the cavalier attitude some people have displaced on this list
towards killing cops. Doubtless lots of cops are right wing scum;
doubtless they oppress minorities and attack striking workers, etc.
Doubtless in the event of violent revolution, if the authorities send the
cops to kill the revolutiuonaries, it would necessary and just to fight
back. That doesn't mean it's right or smart to applaud when police are
killed in more ordinary circumstances.

--Justin Schwartz

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