Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Mon Jun 5 18:34:01 MDT 1995

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, Alfred Joseph wrote:

> Yes, it is for real.  Wake up and smell the reality of class society.  Mao
> once said that revolution was not a tea party.  Well neither is the class
> struggle.  Grow up!!

I'm quite familiar with the reality of class society, thanks. I strongly
suspect that Abu-Jamal is getting screwed by the legal system because of
his politics, and that he'll get screwed whether he's guilty or not.

My point is that the fact that someone's a defender of the class
system doesn't by itself morally justify killing him, cop or no.

If I knew more about him, I might support Abu-Jamal's politics.  But if
-- what I doubt -- he's guilty in the way the state describes, I won't
support his deed.  And neither should you.

John D. Walker

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