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Tue Jun 6 15:27:06 MDT 1995

Although adopting a hatred of the police
out of political solidarity when you
yourself have not been their victim
may be contrived, it is too easy for
those whose communities have not been
the subject of police attack to dismiss
hatred of the police as juvenile posturing.

In the UK attitudes towards the police
have hardened since 1979. Their use by
Thatcher against the miners in 84/85,
to which they showed no sign of objecting,
was instrumental in breaking the strike.
They attacked picket lines and
terrorised mining villages. The media then
blamed the violence on the miners.
During the strike many miners and their
wives and families that I spoke to felt
that "the only good copper is a dead one".
The miners knew they would pay dearly if
they lost and they were right. There were
160,000 miners and 150 pits in 1984,
now there are 8,000 miners and 9 pits

The police have also become very unpopular
because of their racism and willingness
to frame people. Dozens of (mainly black)
people have died in police custody in the
last decade. The Birmingham 6 and Guildford
4 trials were only the most famous police frames.

Class War, the anarchist newspaper that
was popular for its ground breaking use
of humour and mix of working class style with
revolutionary politics, (a welcome change
from dour self-important leninism) ran
a popular photo-column called
'Hospitalised Copper' with newspaper
photos of injured police.

Personally I think its dangerous to
talk lightly of people's death....
but it doesn't suprise me people
hate the police.
Will Brown       Bristol

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