Ralph on G-Marxism

Alex Trotter uburoi at panix.com
Tue Jun 6 11:16:52 MDT 1995

It's the (Sidney) Hook for Ralph! But before you get yanked off the stage
of history, tell us how many Pabloite revisionists it takes to screw in a
	"Deborinite menshevizing idealist"? What on earth is that?
Deborin, I know, published a journal of philosophy and culture entitled
*Under the Banner of Groucho Marxism*, but I know little about him beyond
that. Ralph, please enlighten.
	Trotsky would read all the latest French novels while racing
about in his famous armored train during the Russian civil war. But
vaudeville was not his speed. Did C.L.R. James ever ask the "Old Man" who
*his* shrink was? Siggie Freud himself, perhaps? Or was it Andre Breton?
	Wonder what it took to tickle Lenin's funny bone. Did he ever
check out the antics of the Dada movement at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich?


p.s.--Anyone got any good Enver Hoxha or Kim Il Sung jokes?

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