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Tue Jun 6 11:39:18 MDT 1995

Ofcourse it matters to some degree  whether or not a person is "guilty" or
"innocent" of a particular "crime".  But getting people involved in the
appeals process, as a primary activity, can give the impression that
capitalism, no matter how unjust, can ultimatley mete out justice through
its vaunted court sysstem.  While we work to free our comrades we must
always point out that guilt or innocence is really meaningless during good
economic times, much less when the bosses are in financial trouble.  We all
know about the Rosenbergs and other famous cases.  I can assure there are
countless other people who are chewed up by this process, in more ways that
you can imagine.

Whether or not a particular capitalist state has official Capital
punishment is virtually meaningless.  How many people have been killed by
cops during the years when this country had no death penalty?  The same is
true for  "humane" countries like England and Germany.

As for my cavalier attitude torwards the death of cops.  What can I say.  I
have seen to much,from Columbus to Boston to NYC.  No, it might not be
'smart' or 'right' to engage in that activity at this particular time, but
I cannot condemn someone who does.

alfredo jose

If the misery of our poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our
institutions, great is our sin.  -CHARLES DARWIN.

"The earth shall rise on new foundations. We have been naught, we shall be
all."  Words from the L'INTERNATIONALE

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