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I'm with you, Ron. And Fidel. Of course I don't think we should back off
on defense of socialism as an ideal or drop the term--allowances being
made for practical contexts, of course. But a member of the SACP won't
differ there.

--Justin Schwartz

On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, Ron Press wrote:

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> . Just now the working class is not really keen on socialism,
> thinking that it's what went belly up (and good thing too) in
> Russia. They aren't likely to change their minds without argument
> that we and they can do better. Promises won't do.  Utopianism is
> called for. Marx objected to middle class radicals dictating to
> the worker's movement and trying to sell socialism to the
> bourgeoisie--fair enough, but that's not the same as making
> suggesting to the workers and developing models showing that
> socialism in somne conceptoion could work, and better than
> capitalism. If that's not materialist, so much the worse for
> materialism.
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> The discussion about trying to present workers who are anti
> communist and ant socialist with a picture of the future form of
> some type of socialism reminds me.
> Castor was asked this question shortly after he took over in Cuba.
> He said something like the following.
> We went to the people and said to them we want to build socialism.
> They were very unenthusiastic. They had been schooled in
> anti-communism by their history.
> We changed our approach and said, do you want hospitals, do you
> want education, do you want food and jobs. They said yes. We tried
> to give these things to them.
> Later we went to them and said, do you like what we have done.
> They said yes.
> We told them it was called socialism. They were quite happy with
> socialism.
> There is a lesson there somewhere.
> Ron Press.
> PS Killing Cops does not necesarily bring socialism. It may well
> make one feel better. It may be necessary under certain
> cirumstances. As a policy statement it leaves much to be desired.
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