Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Tue Jun 6 23:44:13 MDT 1995

>Jokes on ice picks in Trotsky's skull are vulgar Stalinist
>attempts at "humor."

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.  Such I heckler I've never seen.  Tell you
what.  I'm going to turn you over, put my foot in your ass, and
yank the broomstick out your asshole with both hands.  Your tukhus
will thank me afterward.

(Oy, what if it's not a broomstick?  What if it's the _same_ ice
pick?  Then what an axe-hole Jerry would be!)

BTW, Justin, I know it was an axe, stop picking on me.  But
everybody says 'ice pick', and it sounds more mellifluous.  The
imagery is more refined as well.  Axe me no questions, I'll tell
you no lies.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.  At first I thought -- humor must advance the
struggle, brain the size of a pea -- Jerry must be CP!  But then
-- squatters, punks, dead anarchist buddy -- Jerry and his kids
are anarchists!  And now Jerry's picking on my dead Trotsky jokes.
By George Novack, I've got it!  Jerry's a Trot!  I'll be blowed!
I too have read the Old Lady's smegmum opus: THEIRS MORE ORAL THAN
OURS.  That Lev, what a bitch in the kitchen.

Jerry, what did you think of my Deborin shtick?  Spayed by Uncle
Joe?  How about that Jan Sten? -- Stalin a dummy!  'Sten and
Stalin': Charlie McCarthy, move over, you dead capitalist roader.
Oops, my vulgar stalinist slip is showing.

Jerry, I take it all back.  Scott's a real pistol of a jokester;
_you_ be the straight man.  Anybody can be dead-pan, but it takes
rare talent to be dead-pinhead.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.  I had the Trots all wrong.  Manifesto for a
Free Revolutionary Art?  Lover of the avant-garde?  Thought those
Trots were real aestheticians.  Wrote some smart books.  Then I
went to New York, met the rest in _person_, not the thinkers, but
the party members.  (So many pimples, so little time.)  Whatta
bunch of stiffs!  From a scratch, to gangrene.  The ABCs of
Dorkalectics, indeed!

No defender of high art when it comes to humor, eh Jerry?  Why
tell a joke when you can be one?  Jerry, work on your material,
before Scott dumps you:

>I would say that I have TWO sets of moral and ethical values  --
>one set for my class (and I'll admit, family and friends), and
>another set for my class enemies.

But Jerry, you forgot the Categorical Imperative: Thou Shalt Not

>I don't know that we can say what is appropriate moral and
>ethical conduct for human beings.

You've already forgotten?  Thou Shalt Not Laugh.

>I'm not so sure I know what  the "correct" set of moral and
>ethical values is for workers or what perspective I "like."

Thou Shalt Not Laugh.

Hate to be a vanguard party pooper, but I've got to get back to my
personal hygiene.  Still have bits of that anarchist stuck in my

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