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Actually I've had more than my share of contact with officers of the
law.  In my young and restless days I was beaten up more than once by
those allegedly there to protect me and others, for crimes such as "actin'
smart" and "lookin' funny".  And I've seen the police at work on
protestors too -- got a concussion from a German cop's nightstick during
a peaceful rally in support of the FMLN in '84 or so.

So much for my title to pronounce about the police!

Actually we may not differ as much as it first appeared.  I see you
striking a more -- moderate? -- tone in a couple of other posts.  There,
your point seems to be that we shouldn't grieve overmuch for cops hurt or
killed in the line of duty, not that we should go around offing them.  I

An interesting question being raised, though, is just what our attitude
should be towards violence in the support of the just cause of socialist
change.  Some people, like me, will want to say that violence is
justified if necessary in the course of a revolution, but otherwise, in
what Justin called "more ordinary circumstances", not.

I wonder what the difference is, especially if the "ordinary
circumstances" can include, say, police used forcibly to break strikes.

Incidentally, I'm asking a moral question, not a strategic (I think what
you mean by a "political") one...

John D. Walker

On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, Alfred Joseph wrote:

> John,  you  obviously have had no contact with these minions of law and
> order, except for maybe a ticket or two.  I hope you realize that NYPD Blue
> is only a tv show.  This is the real world.  Cops are the shock troops for
> Capitalism.  As if that is not enough to hate them, most of them are Racist
> animals.  You probably think Rodney King wan an aberration.  Get out of the
> University and talk to workers.  They know..   I once attended a trail of
> some Anti-klan demonstrators who were charged with felonious assualt on
> police officers.  To make a long story short, they were aquitted.  On of
> the jurors was a middle aged white male who sat expressionless throughout
> the trial.  He was one of the leaders for aquittal in the jury room.  He
> was an ex-steelworker.  He had been on strike a few years ago and got to
> see the boys in blue at there best, defending the profits of big business.
> Listen to the workers. Yeah, go ahead and cry and feel sorry for those
> animals.  Why don't you start a committee to collect money for them when
> they get hurt.  GEEEEZ!!!
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