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Wed Jun 7 14:09:48 MDT 1995

The joke about Christa McAuliffe is funny
I think because it expresses something I feel
but fell guilty about expressing.

The space shuttle crach was very exciting and
spectacular. One of my mates recorded it
on video and replayed it because it was
so good.

The media, particularly TV news,
tells you what to feel about things
all the time. Emotional manipulation.

But people on TV are not real people
to us..I didn't know Christa,
and anyway I don't think high
school teachers are necessarily
particularly wonderful in the way
the TV tells me I'm suppoesed to,
so the joke says what I felt but
can't say....I don't like
being emotionally manipulated
by the news.

I think that the way that politics
and the media has an emotional
dimension is not something that is
discussed alot on the left
but is very important.

Wilhelm Reich might have
been a loony (or might not)
but his attempt to discuss
the emotional content of
fascism I thought was a good stab
at something important.

Its not just all logic that
moves it?

Will Brown  Bristol

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