Marx and morality

Michael Hesemann mhese at
Wed Jun 7 19:18:00 MDT 1995

I think an answer can be best derived from historical materialism.

A society, which doesn`t serve the overall need of the mankind will
according to Marx and Engels (ME) die upon their inherent contradictions.
These contradictions are economical and may be covered by ideology for some
time. But sooner or later they show up and, with the help of a revolutionary
class, will be solved by formating a new society. Thus ME are humanists with
a strong portion of optimism. Humanists because they argue with "the need of
mankind" and not nature, religous categories ... .Optimistists because they
think, that - broadly spoken - "the best will win".

In this system capitalist exploitation is good as far as it serves the
overall economical development and rises productivity. But for ME is
questionable, whether the capitalist class makes the right
investment-decisions. ME argue,
that besides the breakdown of capitalist dynamics, capitalists unwillingly
make the wrong investment-decisions and are not able to plan for all
mankind. Due to the wrong decisions severe problems (e.g. mass-poorness)
will arise,
which produce a new revolutionary class, who will overthrow capitalism.

Now you have a scientific reasoning based on humanistic moral.

PS.: I`m a fan of simplificiation (without being false) and summaries.

Michael Hesemann

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