"Marx' LTV"

lisa rogers lisa.rogers at m.cc.utah.edu
Wed Jun 7 16:32:13 MDT 1995

Marx said that CAPITALISM acts as if value is created by labor, CAP
treats labor as a commodity, etc.  And we don't expect capitalism to be
internally consistent, do we.

I found Marx rather compelling, reading him with a somewhat forgiving
[and non-economist] eye.  If parts of his argument cannot hold up to
modern, rigorous, quantitative methods, I can live with that.  Maybe we
can come up with even better analyses of how and why Capitalism SUCKS.  A
desire for justice and human growth will still unite us, no?

BTW, does anybody think that Marx was "totally objective" in his
analyses, and was never swayed by his beliefs and his agenda, to tweak
his analysis, bend his logic or shape his arguments?  If so, he must be
the only such person.

Lisa Rogers

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