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Wed Jun 7 17:26:23 MDT 1995

>BTW, what the hell is "species-identity"??
>Lisa Rogers
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>From memory species identity refers to a type of solidarity whihc usurps
other grounds of identity, such as nation, family, color, etc. This concept
is probably at that point where Marxism can veer into the mystical. A
similar notion appears in Marx's essay "On the Jewish Question" where he
speaks of a state whihc is beyond egoism and its restricted identities.
Agnes Heller (you should have a look at her work)and others talk about
"species being" whihc is a good thing to look up in your Marx Dictionary
(what you don't have one!!!) Another intersting and rleated concept is that of
"pseudo speciation" coined by Erikson, E where he talks about how humans
make virutal species out of their differences. This is probably the
opposite of species identity.

I hope you can get something out of this.

Good luck

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