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The Vancouver Sun             Tuesday June 6, 1995



OTTAWA -- The world's business leaders want Prime Minister Jean
Chretien to deliver a tough-love message to his G-7 counterparts
in Halifax next week.

   The major industrial countries should dismantle their labor
laws and cut social safety nets to encourage the world's
unemployed to look harder for work and help businesses create
jobs, representatives of the International Chamber of Commerce
told Chretien during a 75-minute meeting Monday.

   Laws that protect employees from being dismissed, set
unrealistic minimum wages and provide overly generous social
benefits "work against job creation and must be tackled with
resolve" the chamber  said in its pre-summit brief.

   The G-7 leaders should take a "bold approach" to tackling
unemployment, it urged, noting 820 million people or about
one-third of the world's labor force is unemployed or

   The other two key issues are the recent volatility in world
money markets and trade protectionist threats.

   "Business is deeply disturbed that currency turbulence is
casting a menacing shadow over the prospects for continuing
buoyancy of world economic growth and international trade," it

   The central banks of the industrial countries, even when
working together, don't have the muscle to fend off the
speculators in a market in which the equivalent of $1 trillion US
a day in currencies is traded, the chamber said.

   "The real criticism of G-7 countries is that each of them,
individually, has not been doing enough to put its own economic
house in order."

   There is a "mounting fear among investors that governments in
many countries lack political will or ability" to significantly
cut their deficits.

   The business leaders also said they were "disturbed at the
current outbreak of bilateral tensions between G-7 countries,
with threats of unilateral action and counteraction," which they
said undermine the new World Trade Organization.    "The
announced intention of a G-7 country to impose trade sanctions
under domestic law without waiting for a ruling from the WTO
risks undermining that mechanism from the outset," the brief said
in a reference to the bitter U.S.-Japan auto trade dispute.

   Chretien has been lobbying G-7 partners to have the issue of
money-market turmoil and reform of international financial
institutions placed at the top of the summit agenda.

   French President Jacques Chirac -- who recently won election
on a promise to fight unemployment -- has been pushing to make
that the theme of this year's summit.

   Some summit partners fear the U.S. attempt to pry open Japan's
auto market with hefty tariffs on Japanese luxury auto imports
will overshadow over economic issues at the summit.

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