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Wed Jun 7 18:56:09 MDT 1995

Boy, no wonder the liberals are fucked up....  In this week's Village Voice,
Ellen Willis poses as objective in her critisms of Mario and Melvin Van
Peebles' film "Panther". "Panther" portrayed the Black Panther Party for the
heores they were, defending the Black community for the assualts of the
police. The film, attacked as "a-histoical", actually portrays the proper
context of how the Panthers grew. All the peace activism of King and liberals
was[Shown through a scene when peaceful marchers are attacked by Oakland
police] exhausted. So the Panthers were responding out of a dire need for
solutions out of proper conditions, not "paramilitary posturing, cop-hating,
vulgar Maoism."

The film is agitprop, but is anything wrong with that? With the amount of
racist spew on the big screen, we need movies like "Panther" to orgainze a
solid leftist movement in America, like plays such as "Waiting for Lefty"
were needed in the 1930s to organize agianst the Great Depression

While I don't consider myself to be a blind follower of the Panthers, I do
realize that no other group, has captured the imagination of Black/Brown
people as the Panthers. Liberals like Willis want social change without
sacrifice, it not surprising that she has also always come out against
affimative action.

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