Method in natural, social and humankind science

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Wed Jun 7 20:50:27 MDT 1995

On Thu, 1 Jun 1995, Juan Inigo wrote:
> But, does this specificity developed by the regulation of the human
> metabolism process as a social process introduces a specificity into the
> form itself through which the determinations of human real actions (in
> other words, of the concrete forms taken by the natural process whose
> self-regulation takes the form of a social process) are scientifically
> appropriated in thought, that necessarily results in a methodological
> separation between _natural_ science and _social_ science?

In my opinion, no.  Nothing does.
BTW, the use of actual examples might make your posts more accessible for me.
Abstraction alone I rarely find useful, and this applies to several
topics lately on the list.

Lisa Rogers

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